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Mike Taylor

Innovise is the resultant corporate combination of businesses acquired, one at least almost every year, since 2002. The underlying businesses were started in previous decades and operated independently prior to consolidation into the company. In February 2006 the group (previously Contemporary Enterprises plc) adopted Innovise plc as its name and started to use Innovise [...]

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David Sanger

After reading Economics and Politics at Exeter University, Sanger trained as a chartered accountant at Ernst & Young before moving to an advertising agency. Frustration with the decision-making process led Sanger to open his own business, a chain of sandwich bars in West London. Not an immediate success, working 5am to 9pm six days [...]

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Jason Petsch

Petsch started out as a lieutenant in the South African Parachute Regiment before joining the family wholesale agriculture supplies business. Moved to UK in 1999, worked for several companies in marketing and publishing. GRITIT was founded in 2004 with Alastair Kight, after they met in 2001 on a gritting job. Sales rose 83% a year [...]

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Scott Dobson

Scott Dobson graduated from Brunel University in 1990, and worked with Logitek and then Compass Computer Group before gaining a reputation in sales at Data Connectivity. In 2000, he moved on to vice-president of Europe, Middle East and Africa for Expand Networks, before founding VCOMM, a Newbury-based value-added distributor specialising in telephony integration technologies, [...]

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Matt Hawkins

Add confidence and competence to C4L’s four Cs ….. colocation, connectivity, cloud and communications. Matt Hawkins is very good at spotting business opportunities. He’s been doing it since he was five: selling sweets for pocket-money profit to friends and neighbours, graduating to primary school deals, then software trading at secondary school and college, moving [...]

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