NaturalMotion is currently creating the next-generation of mobile games with technology that provides the most realistic, intelligent animation in the industry.

It is one of the fastest-growing social mobile publishers on iOS and Android, with blockbuster ’character’ titles such as Clumsy Ninja.

The company creates and publishes innovative ultra-high quality free-to-play games that combine polished gameplay with high-end 3D graphics using its own proprietary Euphoria graphics middleware technologies – essentially simulating movement rather than animating it.

Its cutting-edge art and animation design teams have worked on gaming classics such as Grand Theft Auto and are setting new standards in the industry. NaturalMotion’s technology has also assisted lifelike animation in films such as Lord of the Rings and Troy.

Dedicated to developing innovative and engaging free-to-play titles, the NaturalMotion San Francisco creative studio was founded in 2012 the same year that NaturalMotion London was established. Both are developing ground-breaking social games on mobile platforms.

Company Values: Be proud, aim high, stay hungry, be honest.

Quote: “Its not making money that has inspired me, it is wanting to be the biggest and the best.“

Business: NaturalMotion – Computer game developer founded in 2001, providing natural-looking animation. Social network gaming company Zynga acquired NaturalMotion for $527 million in January 2014

Business Location: Oxford headquarters plus creative offices in Brighton, London and San Francisco. Total employees (2013 average): 201

Turnover and year: £37.3 million in year-ending October 2013

Description: CEO and founder of NaturalMotion. With a background of Oxford and Sussex university education in evolutionary, adaptive and complex systems, and biological sciences, Reil is a neuroscientist who, while working with the Zoology Department at Oxford, created a spin-out videogame business which is now a leading games and technology company